Buzzin’ Fly 08-11-2011 #249

Part 1 – Presented by Chris Woodward
1.  Radiohead ‘Feral (Lone Remix)’ (Ticker Tape)
2.  Dana Ruh ‘This’ (Buzzin’ Fly)
3.  Locussolus ‘Next To You (Soul Clap Remix)’ (DJ Kicks)
4.  Mount Kimbie ‘Before I Move Off’ (Hotflush)
5.  Chmara Winter ‘Powidlo (Lee Jones Remix)’ (Pets)
6.  Camp Lo ‘Lucini’ (Profile)

Part 2 – Guest Mix by Daniel Bortz
1.  Daniel Bortz & Sascha Sibler ‘Room’ (CDR)
2.  Daniel Bortz ‘No One’ (CDR)
3.  Luca C & Brigante ft. Ali Love ‘Different Morals (Clockwork Remix)’ (Southern Fried)
4.  Nick Holder ‘Swimming (Dub Mix)’ (NRK)
5.  Kolombo ft. Vincent L ‘Shape Your Life (Daniel Bortz Remix)’ (Noir Music)
6.  Virgo Four ‘It’s A Crime (Caribou Remix)’ (Rush Hour)

Mademoiselle Caro & Franck Garcia – April 2011

Buzzin’ Fly – April 2011
Mademoiselle Caro & Franck Garcia

1.  Steven Reich ‘Section Vii’
2.  Harmonia 76 ‘Vamos Campaneros’
3.  Sven Libaek ‘Misty Canyon’
4.  Love of Live ‘Orchestra Condo’
5.  Caribou ‘Sun’
6.  Freur ‘Doot Doot’
7.  Twin Shadow ‘Forget’
8.  Coconut Records ‘Wires’
9.  Harpers Bizarre ‘Witchi Tai To’
10.  Kenny Rankin ‘Peaceful’
11.  Starbuck Moonlight ‘Feels Right’
12.  Orange Juice ‘What Prescence’
13.  Psychic TV ‘Just Like Arcadia’
14.  Aeroplane ‘London Bridge’
15.  Paris ‘The Cross Over’ (Siskid’s Lush Version)
16.  Nicolas Jaar ‘Time For Us Siberia’
17.  Zwicker feat. Valentino Tomasi ‘Ping Pong Muses’
18.  Soul Clap ‘Extravaganza’
19.  Shit Robot ‘Losing My Patience’
20.  Remain and Mile Caro ‘Heat’
21.  Evan Evans ‘Repetition’ (John Daly Remix)
22.  Eden Ahbez ‘Eden’s Island’

Buzzin’ Fly 03-31-2011 #230

Part 1 – Presented by Ben Watt
1.  DJ Harvey pres. Locussolus ‘Next To You’ (Soul Clap Remix) (International Feel)
2.  Agoria ‘Heart Beating’ (John Roberts Mix) (Infine)
3.  Seven Saturdays ‘Secret Things’ (Millionyoung Remix) (MP3)
4.  Alain Ho ‘I Remember The Future’ (Buzzin’ Fly)
5.  Mechanical Fire ‘Colour Of Fire’ (Transgressive)
6.  Fairmont ‘Cannon’ (Border Community)

Part 2 – Guest Mix by Snoretex
1.  Million Young ‘Perfect Eyes’ (Snoretex Remix)
2.  Pivot Clowj ‘Havoc Man’
3.  Luke Abbott ‘On Tuesday’
4.  Harmonia ‘Sowieso’
5.  Margot ‘Voci Giaga’
6.  Airhead ‘Paper Street’
7.  Mountain Man ‘Animal Tracks’

Buzzin’ Fly 03-24-2011 #229

Part 1 – Gadi (Wolf + Lamb) Guest Mix Part 1
1.  Rick Howard ‘Do What You Have To Do’ (Vocal)
2.  Robert Owens ‘I’ll Be Your Friend’ (Gadi Mizrahi & Soul Clap Remix)
3.  Tale of Us ‘Unknown’
4.  Julio Bashmore ‘Battle For Middle You’
5.  Fedde Le Grand ‘Back & Forth’ feat. Mr. V (Fedde’s Future Funk Remix)
6.  Junior Boys ‘Hazel’ (Ewan Pearson’s House Mix)
7.  Nicolas Jaar CEO Remix

Part 2 – Gadi (Wolf + Lamb) Guest Mix Part 2
1.  Nicolas Jaar CEO Remix
2.  Le Loup & Seuil ‘Nautil Us Edit’
3.  Double Hill ‘Purple Hills’ (Double Standard Records)
4.  Tanner Ross ‘Intitled’
5.  Junior Boys ‘Double Shadow’
6.  Siopis ‘Really Love Ya’

Buzzin’ Fly 03-10-2011 #227

Part 1 – Presented by Ben Watt
1.  Viadrina ‘Better’ (Arto Mwambe Remix) (Pets)
2.  Dirty Cuture ‘My Name Is Beautiful’ (Apt. International)
3.  Toro Y Moi ‘Still Sound’ (Carpark)
4.  Bill Withers ‘Help Me’ (2002 Bootleg) (White)
5.  Josef Jaktmark ‘Breathless’ (Crimecity Disco)
6.  Lapalux ‘Time Spike Jamz’ (MP3)

Part 2 – Guest Mix from Gadi
1.  Wolf + Lamb ‘Serious’ (Ron’s Edits) (W+L Black)
2.  Hot Toddy ‘Freeken’d’ feat. Danielle Moore (Ron Basejam Remix)
3.  Nick Chacona feat Kathy Diamond ‘The Fear’ (Bostro Pesopeo Dub)
4.  Isley Experiment (Soul Clap Edit)
5.  Creep ‘Days’ (Soul Clap Remix)
6.  James Teej ‘Lost It All’
7.  Nina Kraviz ‘I’m Weak’

Buzzin’ Fly 02-10-2011 #223

Part 1 – Presented by
Ben Watt
1.  Prommer and Barck ‘Lovin” (Alex and Grizzly Dub) (Best Works)
2.  Millionyoung ‘Perfect Eyes’ (Snoretex Remix) (MP3)
3.  Jovonn ‘Definition Of A Track’ (Two Armadillos Remix) (Late Night Audio)
4.  Greg Paulus ‘Such A Shame’ (Soul Clap Rmx) (Double Standard)
5.  Royalty ‘Don’t Break Me’ (MP3)
6.  Harvey Mason ‘On and On’ (Arista)

Part 2 – Guest Mix from Shumi
1.  Woolfy ‘Looking Glass’ (Canyons Remix) Rong Music
2.  Session Victim ‘We Want To Thank All Our Friends’ (Wolf Music)
3.  Pional ‘We Have Been Waiting For You’ (Hivern Discs)
4.  Black Van ‘Moments Of Exellence’ (Permanent Vacation)
5.  Wild Beasts ‘Two Dancers’ (John Hopkins Remix) (Domino)
6.  Bob Holroyd ‘African Drug’ (Four Tet Remix) (Phonica)