Buzzin’ Fly 01-06-2011 #218

Part 1 – Presented by Ben Watt
1.  Premiesku ‘Hooman’ (All In)
2.  Evan Evans ‘Repetition’ (Delusions Of Grandeur)
3.  Tevo Howard ‘The Age Of Compassion’ (Donnacha Costello Rough Rub) (Buzzin’ Fly)
4.  Illija Rudman ‘Inspectors Drive’ (Bear Funk)
5.  Oskar Offermann and Moomin ‘Handsome Frank’ (White)
6.  Jackson Browne ‘Late For The Sky’ (Asylum)

Part 2 – Guest Mix from Aera
1.  Caribou ‘Jamelia’ (Gold Panda Remix) (City Slang)
2.  Riya ‘The Cycle’ (Autonomic)
3.  Bender & Sevensol ‘Scuba’ (Aera’s Underwater Breathing Remix) (CDR)
4.  Redshape ‘Man Out Of Time’ (Major Space Dub) (Present)
5.  Roska ‘I Need Love’ (Rinse)
6.  Kris Wadsworth ‘Mainline’ (Kolour)
7.  Hunee ‘Like That’ (Rush Hour)
8.  The Detroit Urban Gardening Ensemble ‘Take Root’ (CDR)
9.  Photonz ‘Plague Of The New Age’ (Get The Curse Music)
10.  James Holden ‘Triangle Folds’ (DJ-KiCKS) (K7)
11.  Stainboy ‘Falling’ (Hivern Disc)
12.  Daso vs Ofrin ‘Time For Decisions’ (Aera’s Final Decision) (Connaisseur Recordings)

Buzzin’ Fly 12-23-2010 #216

Part 1 – Presented by Ben Watt
Ben’s Choice 2010 (Nos. 10-6)

10. Penguin Prison ‘Golden Train’ (Wall Of Sound)
9. Patrick Specke ‘Antman’ (Delano Smith Remix) (Hello Repeat)
8. Primary 1 feat Nina Persson ‘The Blues’ (Atlantic)
7. Oskar Offermann and Moomin ‘Hardmood’ (AIM)
6. Efterklang ‘Modern Drift’ (4AD)

Part 2 – Presented by Ben Watt
Ben’s Choice 2010 (Nos. 5-1)

5. Brauns and Wagner ‘1974’ (John Tejada Remix) (Soundz)
4. Active Child ‘When You’re Love Is Safe’ (Merok)
3. Compuphonic ‘Sequoia’ (Lee Jones Remix) (Union Match)
2. Clock Opera ‘Once And For All’ (Clive Tanaka Remix) (Kitsune)
1. Boo Williams ‘Eternal Mind’ (Rush Hour)

Buzzin’ Fly 12-09-2010 #214

Part 1 – Presented by
Ben Watt
1.  Maya Jane Coles ‘Humming Bird’ (Hypercolour)
2.  Reelsoul ‘Spend My Life’ (Reelsoul Original Instrumental) (Sole Channel)
3.  ‘Do What You Feel’ (edit) (International Feel)
4.  Oskar Offermann ‘Harmood’ (Aim)
5.  Blaze ‘Found Love’ (Shrine DJ Vocal Mix) (West End)
6.  Sharon Redd ‘Beat The Street’ (Prelude)

Part 2 – Guest Mix by Donnacha Costello
1.  Alva Noto ‘Atmosphere 2′ (Raster-Noton)
2.  Pan Sonic ‘Ensi’ (Blast First)
3.  Traversable Wormhole ‘Traversing The Asteroid Belt’ (Original – Digital only) (CLR)
4.  Raiz ‘Keep Secrets’ (James Ruskin Remix) (Droid)
5.  Silent Servant ‘La Noche’ (Historia Y Violencia)
6.  Mark Broom and James Ruskin ‘The Future That Was’ (Blueprint)
7.  Steve Poindexter ‘Short Circuit’ (C64 Bypass Mix) (Mathematics)
8.  Hieroglyphic Being ‘Temple Of The Moon’ (Mathematics)
9.  Tevo Howard ‘The Age Of Compassion’ (Donnacha Costello Rough Rub)
10.  Hieroglyphic Being ‘Quasars And Starfields’ (Mathematics)