Buzzin’ Fly 10-13-2011 #258

Part 1 – Presented by Chris Woodward
1.  Tracey Thorn ‘Swimming’ (Visionquest Remix, Ewan Pearson Re-Edit) (Strange Feeling)
2.  Till Von Sein ‘LTD’ (Suol)
3.  Daniel Bortz ‘Can’t Sleep At Night’ (Pastamusik)
4.  Modeselektor feat. Miss Platinum ‘Berlin’ (Monkeytown)
5.  Guy Andrews ‘Shades’ (Hemlock)
6.  Thyladomid & Adriatique feat. B.P Johnson ‘The L Way’ (Diynamic)

Part 2 – Guest Mix by Rebolledo
1.  Wolfgang Voigt ‘Kafkatrax 1.1′ (Profan)
2.  Pachanga Boys ‘We Could Rhyme’ (Hippie Dance)
3.  Philipp Gorbachev ‘Postovoi’ (Comeme)
4.  Roman Flugel ‘Deo (Pachanga Boys Blazer Edit)’ (CDR)
5.  Rebolledo ‘Canivalon’ (Comeme)
6.  Forever Sweet ‘Right’ (Delirium)
7.  Rebolledo ‘Steady Gear Rebo Maschine’ (Comeme)
8.  Wolfgang Voigt ‘Kafkatrax 3.1′ (Profan)
9.  Rebolledo ‘Steady Gear Rod Maschine’ (Comeme)
10.  Giorgio Moroder ‘I Wanna Funk With You Tonight’ (Unidisc)

Buzzin’ Fly 10-06-2011 #257

Part 1 – Presented by Chris Woodward
1.  Simone Fedi ‘Bitter Devotion (Ewan Pearson Vocal Remix)’
2.  Luca Bacchetti ‘Tango (Eduardo Castillo Voodoo Remix)’ (Crosstown Rebels)
3.  Terrence Parker ‘Love’s Got Me High (Marc Romboy’s Systematic Soul Mix)’
4.  Maceo Plex ‘Under The Sheets’ (No19)
5.  Class Actress ‘Keep You’ (Carpark)
6.  Cartouche ‘Feel The Groove’ (ARS Productions)

Part 2 – Guest Mix by Ed Davenport
1.  Samman ‘Ya Feel Me’ (Fullbarr)
2.  Daniel P ‘Discomadley’ (Plus 8)
3.  Ribn ‘Save Me (Vocal Version)’ (Mild Pitch)
4.  DV8 ‘This Beat Is Over’ (Strictly Rhythm)
5.  DJ Assassin ‘Face In The Crowd (Intellidread Mix)’ (Cross Section)
6.  Nikola Gala ‘Inner Circle Chords’ (Plastic City)
7.  Terrence Parker ‘House Ghost’ (!K7)

Buzzin’ Fly 09-08-2011 #253

Part 1 – Presented by Chris Woodward
1.  Stimming ‘Challenge The Air’ (Diynamic)
2.  Robin Hannibal ‘I Need Your Love’ (Ewan Pearson Mix)
3.  Mosca ‘Bax’ (Numbers)
4.  Blawan ‘What You Do With What You Have’ (R&S)
5.  Christopher Rau ‘Pea Gravel’ (Hypercolor)
6.  MD Express ‘God Made Me Phunky’ (Open)

Part 2 – Guest Mix by Jamie Jones
Tracklist Unavailable

Ben Watt BBC 6Mix 08-14-2011

Part 1 – Presented by Ben Watt
1.  Justus Kohncke and Alexis Taylor ‘Sorry’ (Kitsune)
2.  Compuphonic ‘Sequoia (Lee Jones Remix)’ (Unreleased)
3.  The xx ‘Night Time (Greg Wilson Remix)’ (XL)
4.  Small Black ‘Camouflage’ (Jagjaguwar)
5.  Sebastien Bouchet ‘Fallen Angel’ (Kompakt)
6.  France Joli “Gonna Get Over You’ (Prelude)

Part 2 – Ben Watt In The Mix
1.  Flowers and Sea Creatures “A.M. (Ewan Pearson Remix)’ (Buzzin’ Fly)
2.  Superpitcher ‘Rabbits In A Hurry (Sasha Funke Remix)’ (Kompakt)
3.  Scott Grooves ‘It Doesn’t Have To Be All Techy’ (Beautiful Instruments)
4.  Simian Mobile Disco ‘I Got This Down (Invisible Conga People Remix)’ (Wichita)
5.  Jungle Wonz ‘The Jungle’ (Trax)
6.  Penguin Prison ‘Golden Train (DiskJokke Remix)’ (Wall of Sound)
7.  Marina & The Diamonds ‘I Am A Robot (Hell Remix)’ (Warner)
8.  Mike L & Lanoiraude ‘Mystic River (Charles Webster Remix)’ (Battle)
9.  Badly Drawn Boy ‘Promises (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Remix)’ (EMI)
10.  Tevo Howard feat. Tracey Thorn ‘Without Me’ (Rebirth)
11.  Craig Bratley ‘Birdshell (6th Borough Project Mix)’ (Instruments of Rapture)
12.  Clock Opera ‘Once and For All (Clive Tanaka Remix)’ (Kitsune)

Part 3 – Presented by Ben Watt
1.  Ken Boothe ‘Is It Because I Am Black’ (Trojan)
2.  Jatoma ‘Paper Lights’ (Kompakt)
3.  Z’EV ‘That’s All’ (Wall of Sound)
4.  Electric Owls ‘What I Was A Flood’ (Vagrant)
5.  Tevo Howard ‘The Age of Compassion’ (Buzzin’ Fly)
6.  Bachar Mar Khalife ‘Distance’ (Infine)

Buzzin’ Fly 03-24-2011 #229

Part 1 – Gadi (Wolf + Lamb) Guest Mix Part 1
1.  Rick Howard ‘Do What You Have To Do’ (Vocal)
2.  Robert Owens ‘I’ll Be Your Friend’ (Gadi Mizrahi & Soul Clap Remix)
3.  Tale of Us ‘Unknown’
4.  Julio Bashmore ‘Battle For Middle You’
5.  Fedde Le Grand ‘Back & Forth’ feat. Mr. V (Fedde’s Future Funk Remix)
6.  Junior Boys ‘Hazel’ (Ewan Pearson’s House Mix)
7.  Nicolas Jaar CEO Remix

Part 2 – Gadi (Wolf + Lamb) Guest Mix Part 2
1.  Nicolas Jaar CEO Remix
2.  Le Loup & Seuil ‘Nautil Us Edit’
3.  Double Hill ‘Purple Hills’ (Double Standard Records)
4.  Tanner Ross ‘Intitled’
5.  Junior Boys ‘Double Shadow’
6.  Siopis ‘Really Love Ya’

Buzzin’ Fly 02-03-2011 #222

Part 1 – Presented by Ben Watt
1.  Flowers and Sea Creatures ‘A.M.’ (Fred Everything Stripped Mix) (Buzzin’ Fly)
2.  Feygin ‘The Fall’ (Sincopat)
3.  Stop The Car ‘Homebound’ (We Are Woodville)
4.  Footprintz ‘Utopia’ (Ewan Pearson Remix) (Visionquest)
5.  Lil’ Tony ‘Anton’s Groove’ (Innervisions)
6.  Woolfy ‘Looking Glass’ (Canyons Remix) (DFA)

Part 2 – Guest Mix from Manuel Tur
1.  Manuel Tur ‘Most Of This Moment’ (Isolee Dub) (Freerange)
2.  Festland ‘Irre Gleise’ (Marcus Worgull’s Rauchzeichen Dub) (Mild Pitch)
3.  B.H.F.V. ‘ET-01′ (Live At Robert Johnson)
4.  Idjut Boys ‘Implant’ (Full Frontal) (Noid)
5.  Bob Holroyd ‘African Drug’ (Four Tet Remix) (Phonica)
6.  Florence & The Machine ‘Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)’ (Leo Zero Remix) (Let’s Get Lost)

Buzzin’ Fly 01-27-2011 #221

Part 1 - Presented by Ben Watt
1.  John Tejada and Josh Humphrey ‘Adaptation’ (Palette)
2.  Italo Johnson ‘Italo Johnson 03′ (ITJ)
3.  Snoretex ‘Strange Aeons’ (CDR)
4.  Flowers and Sea Creatures ‘A.M.’ (Ewan Pearson Re-Edit) (Buzzin’ Fly)
5.  Dualton ‘CPT’ (Terje Bakke’s North Mix) (Be Chosen)
6.  Imagination ‘Just An Illusion’ (Lindstrom vs Todd Terje Dub) (MP3)

Part 2 – Guest Mix from Pol_On
1.  Langenberg ‘Planitz Proposal’ (Mild Pitch)
2.  Daniel Solar ‘Dirties Clean’ (Kolour)
3.  Sebastian Davidson & Enthousiaste Gasten ‘That Song’ (Huxlet Remix) (Kolour)
4.  Alex Arnout ‘Eastbound & Down’ (Dogmatic)
5.  Soulphiction ‘Some Things Remain’ (Philpot)
6.  Nina Kraviz ‘Tanya’ (Rekids)
7.  Storm Queen ‘Look Right Through’ (Environ)

Buzzin’ Fly 09-23-2010 #203

Part 1 – Presented by Ben Watt

1.  Flowers and Sea Creatures ‘International’ (Buzzin’ Fly)
2.  Graham Baxter Interview
3.  Flowers and Sea Creatures ‘At Night’ (Buzzin’ Fly)
4.  Graham Baxter Interview
5.  Flowers and Sea Creatures ‘Sonic’ (Buzzin’ Fly)
6.  Graham Baxter Interview

Part 2 – Presented by Ewan Pearson
1.  NDF ‘Since We Last Met’ (DFA)
2.  DC Salas ‘Peru’ (Dave DK Remix) (Doctor Vinyl)
3.  Left ‘Hell’s Heat’ (Cityfox)
4.  Mudkid ‘The Brain from Plant Mud’ (Greta Cottage Workshop)
5.  Sascha Funke & Nina Kravitz ‘Moses’ (Sascha Funk’s Bonus Mix) (BPitch Control)
6.  Bubba ‘The Girl in the Mask’ (Aciitone)
7.  Tucillo ‘Oh Night’ (Climatic Sound)
8.  Catz N’ Dogz ‘Warsaw By Night’ (Vinyl Version) (Mothership)
9.  John Talabot ‘Matilda’s Dream’ (Permanent Vacation)
10.  LCD Soundsystem ‘I Can Change’ (Tiga Remix) (DFA)

Buzzin’ Fly 02-18-2010 #172

Part 1
– Ben Watt
1.  Nelski ‘Body Pop’ (Radioslave Remix) (CDR)
2.  Jay Tripwire ‘Ronin’ (Charles Webster Remix) (CDR)
3.  A Sunny Day In Glasgow ‘Nitetime Rainbows’ (The Buddy System Remix) (Mis Ojos Discos)
4.  Gwen McCrae ‘Keep The Fire Burning’ (The Revenge Need II Edit) (White)
5.  Lusine ‘Twilight’ (Jeff Samuel Remix) (Ghostly Int.)
6.  Tracey Thorn ‘Oh, The Divorces!’ (Strange Feeling)

Part 2 – Ewan Pearson
1.  Mock and Toof ‘Farewell to Wendo’ (Tinc)
2.  Jonathan Kreinik ‘SOTWTGYO’ (Neurotic Drum Band Remix) (Throne of Blood)
3.  Schaffhauser & Xhin ‘The Revenge’ (Ware)
4.  Timo Maas ‘Bite The Dust’ (This is Music ‘More Music)
5.  Conforce ‘Detente’ (Modelisme)
6.  Guy Gerber ‘My Invisible Romance’ (Supplement Facts)
7.  Alex James ‘All I See In Me’ (Edit) (Affin)