Buzzin’ Fly 08-04-2011 #248

Part 1 – Presented by Chris Woodward
1.  Tanner Ross ft. Flo Night ‘4U’ (Deniz Kurtel Remix) (No. 19 Music)
2.  69 ‘Desire’ (Planet E)
3.  Blawan ‘Getting Me Down’ (White)
4.  Dionne ‘Back On The Planet’ (Smallville)
5.  Dana Ruh ‘Kickboxing’ (Buzzin’ Fly)
6.  Quakerman ‘Schlam Me’ (Work Records)

Part 2 – Guest Mix by Axel Boman
1.  The East Side Symphony ‘Hot Pants Road’ (Trans Air)
2.  Lukas Nystrand as Glenny #417 ‘ Thank You, My Love’ (Ageema Music Club)
3.  The Big Crunch Theory ‘Distortion’ (DJ Koze Remix) (Versatile)
4.  Martin Denny ‘The Queen Chant’ (E Lili U E) (Scamp)
5.  Jan Potzek ‘Weissgold’ (Raid)
6.  Souls Of Mischief ’93 ‘Til Infinity’ (Jive)
7.  Frivolous ‘One Final Solstice…’ (Cadenza)
8.  Discodeine ‘Falkenberg’ (Pilooski Mix) (Dark & Lovely)
9.  Axel Boman ‘What Do You Need?’ (Studio Barnhus)

Buzzin’ Fly 07-21-2011 #246

Part 1 – Presented by Chris Woodward
1.  Mano Le Tough ‘Let’s Not Talk About Love’ (Permanent Vacation)
2.  Axel Boman ‘Naomi’ (Glass Table)
3.  Adam Port Feat. Daniel Wilde ‘Tell You’ (Moon Harbour)
4.  Four Tet ‘Pyramid’
5.  Klaus ‘Tusk’ (R&S)
6.  Alan Braxe & Fred Falke ‘Most Wanted’ (Vulture)

Part 2 – Guest Mix by Giles Smith
1.  Ezel ‘In My Lifetime (Yoruba Soul Mix)’ (Ocha)
2.  G.Marcel ‘Groove With Me’ (Aesthetic Audio)
3.  Takeshi Kouzuki ‘Isolation’ (Abstract Acid)
4.  Dexter ‘Space Booty’ (Clone Crown)
5.  Mr. G ‘Daily Prayer’ (Phenix G)
6.  DJ Blend ‘DJ Blend’ (FXHE)
7.  ? (Black Label)

Buzzin’ Fly 07-07-2011 #244

Part 1 – Presented by Chris Woodward
1.  Vahagn ‘Relapse’ (Buzzin’ Fly)
2.  Agaric ‘No Way I Know I Feel’ (Axel Boman Remix) (Ovum)
3.  Deniz Kurtel ‘Best Of’ (Crosstown Rebels)
4.  Jamie Principle ‘Baby Wants to Ride’ (Beyond The Stars Re-Edit) (CDR)
5.  The Baths ‘Lovely Bloodflow’ (Anticon)

Part 2 – Guest Mix by tobias.
1.  tobias. ‘Voices Told Me To Do That’ (Ostgut Ton)
2.  Ellen Allien ‘My Tree’ (BPitch Control)
3.  Sieg Ueber Die Sonne ‘Der Mann Von Eben’ (Multicolor)
4.  Pink Elln ‘New Bach’ (Saasfee)
5.  tobias. ‘Free No. 1′ (Ostgut Ton)
6.  Aerea Negrot ‘It’s Lover’ (Love Dub Version) (BPitch Control)
7.  nsi. ‘Track 16′ (Sahko Recordings)