Ben Watt BBC 6Mix 03-13-11

Part 1 - Presented by Ben Watt
1.  Tracey Thorn 'You Are A Lover' (Clock Opera Remix) (Strange Feeling)
2.  Ilija Rudman 'Show Me The Magic' (Bear Funk)
3.  Million Young 'Perfect Eyes' (Snoretex Remix) (Rix/Old Flame)
4.  Claps II Dogz 'The Rain' (Pets)
5.  Toro y Moi 'Got Blinded' (Carpark)
6.  Flowers and Sea Creatures 'Going To A Town' (Unreleased)

Part 2 - Ben Watt In The Mix
1.  Lowtec 'Untitled B1' (Original Mix) (Workshop)
2.  Flowers and Sea Creatures 'A.M.' (Fred Everything Stripped Mix) (Buzzin' Fly)
3.  Manoo 'Winter' (Earthrumental)
4.  Rhadow and NTFO 'Conclusions' (Sintope)
5.  Isolée 'Taketell' (Pampa)
6.  Woolfy 'Looking Glass' (Canyons Remix) (DFA)
7.  Amy Jackson 'Let It Loose' (Dub) (Big Shot)
8.  Stop The Car 'Homebound' (We Are Woodville)
9.  Jonas Bering 'Can't Stop Loving You' (Kompakt)
10.  Snoretex 'Strange Aeons' (SJU Muzic Eternity Mix) (Buzzin' Fly)
11.  The Mythical Beasts 'Communicate' (International Feel)

Part 3 - Presented by Ben Watt
1.  Viadrina 'Better' (Arto Mwambe Remix) (Pets)
2.  Strand of Oaks 'This Must Be The Place' (Unreleased)
3.  Josef Jaktmark 'Breathless' (Crime City Disco)
4.  Tommy Watt and His Orchestra 'Wholesome Girl' (Unreleased / Library Music)
5.  Imagination 'Just An Illusion' (Lindstrom Vs Todd Terje Dub) (Unreleased)
6.  Aged in Harmony 'I Feel Like Dancin' (BBE)

Buzzin’ Fly 02-24-2011 #225

Part 1 – Presented by Ben Watt
1.  Piet Van Dongen ‘Vulcanic Ass’ (Audiofly Remix) (Audiomatique)
2.  Clap II Dogz ‘The Rain’ (Glass Table)
3.  Toro Y Moi ‘Got Blinded’ (Carpark)
4.  Flowers And Sea Creatures ‘A.M.’ (Buzzin’ Fly)
5.  Snoretex ‘Strange Aeons’ (SJU Muzic Eternity Mix) (Buzzin’ Fly)
6.  Aged In Harmony ‘I Feel Like Dancin” (BBE)

Part 2 – Guest Mix from Marcus Worgull
1.  N/A – Brown Eyes (Mau’s Discofied Tribute) (Rimini)
2.  I:Cube ‘Grandes Orgues’ (Versatile)
3.  Space Ranger ‘Plastic Romance’ (MCDE Remix / Marcus Worgull Edit)
4.  Studnitzky ‘Hauke’ (Atjazz Remix) (Best Works)
5.  N/A ‘Subway To Cologne’ (Story)
6.  Festland ‘Irre Gleise’ (Marcus Worgulls Rauchzeichen Dub) (Mild Pitch)